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The Boulogne 92 rowing club

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Boulogne 92 (formerly ACBB Aviron) is the rowing section of the "Athlétic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt", the city of Boulogne’s umbrella multi-sports club with 33 sports sections, created in 1943. The name change took place on 15 November 2018, to inaugurate the club’s partnership with the county, making it the « Club d'Aviron des Hauts-de-Seine », i.e. the county’s rowing club. Boulogne 92, where "92" refers to the county postcode, thus joins well-known sports clubs such as Racing 92 (rugby), Nanterre 92 (basketball), BLR 92 (fencing) and Paris 92 (handball).

Established in 2007 at the "Île-de-Monsieur" water stadium in Sèvres, Boulogne 92 shares the facilities with seven other associations (sailing, canoeing, rowing). This water stadium also acts as the start and finish point for the "Traversée de Paris et des Hauts-de-Seine", an annual leisure row on the Seine up to the heart of Paris and for which Boulogne 92 provides a large number of volunteers.

Boulogne 92 offers competitive, para-rowing and recreational (the "loisir" group) sweep rowing and sculling on a stretch of 5 km (3 mi.) on the Seine from Saint-Cloud bridge to the very edge of Paris.

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Boulogne 92 is recognized as a three-star "French rowing school" by the French national rowing federation, with specific ability in Rowing for Health ("Aviron Santé") and Para-Rowing ("Aviron et Handicaps").

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Boulogne 92 - décembre 2018